List of Bars & Nightclubs

The following bars and nightclubs operated in Corpus Christi. A few include an estimate of the years we believe they were active based on advertisements and listings in This Week In Texas, a weekly gay bar magazine that began publishing in 1975. By the early ’90s, TWIT only listed bars as a paid advertisement and eventually stopped print publication, so the following list is not comprehensive.

Based on Directory 43, a travel guide for the LGBT community that listed bars based solely on reader recommendations, the Oak Lounge was the oldest gay bar found in Corpus Christi in 1965. Three years later, the International Vagabond listed the Oak Lounge as still active along with the Maison Rouge (1009 Santa Fe).
In the earliest years, travel guides were primarily meant to share safe spaces for the LGBT community in a manner similar to the Negro Motorist Green Book that blacks used to navigate the Jim Crow South. In later years, these guides were commercialized into weekly magazines–sometimes referred to as bar rags or “fag rags”–similar to This Week in Texas. Before the internet, you could pick them up at LGBT bars to stay connected with the larger community.

Buddy’s (4528 Weber Road)

Buddies (4522 Weber Road)

Bunkhouse (5945 Williams & Airline), 1983-1984

Connect Nightclub (512 S Staples)

Choices (1214 Leopard)

Frathouse (526 S Staples)

Get Happy (526 S Staples)

Hidden Door (802 S. Staples), 1980-Present

Jolly Jack (411 Peoples Street), 1979-1981

Jolly Jack II (413 Peoples Street), 1983-1984

King of Clubs, 1981

Lafittes (5880 Everhart), 1983-1984

Leopard Club (1214 Leopard St), 1984-1985

New Orleans Club (908 N Waters Street), 1978

New Orleans Room (208 N Water Street), 1984

Odd Couple (413 Peoples Street), 1982

Other Door (1911 S. Staples)

Palladium (4785 Corona)

Playpen Lounge (2818 Ayers), 1982

Q’s (227 Water Street)

The Rose (213 S Staples)

Sanctuary (4223 S Alameda)

Sixx (1212 Leopard)

Seven (512 S Staples)

Spanish Galleon (N Chapparal), 1979-1983

Speakeasy (5736 S. Alameda), 1984

Top Hat Club (5880 Everhart)

Triangle (609 McBride Lane)

UBU (4710 Ayers)

Vault (525 Schatzell Street)

Zodiac Disco (617 S Staples), 1979-1983

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